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Chakra 2 – Rising from the Ocean

When I’m feeling stuck, I’ve been taking a “meditate and trust the message to come” approach (my lower three chakras are notoriously sticky, word-wise). So far, it’s worked, albeit in its own time. This week, the vision that came for me after just such a meditation hit while I was about to get up from… Continue reading

Chakra 5 – Blue Lace Agate

“That,” she paused for a moment, “was Blue Lace Agate.” I took comfort in the way that she articulated the consonants, her decisive tone as she nodded, subtly, offering an air of authority that this made perfect sense. I peered at the small, polished stone that she’d recovered from the grid beneath the table, a… Continue reading

Chakra 7 – Every Year a Deepening

Every year a deepening. That’s what I’m feeling. It’s as though the earth, herself, weaves her way in, more and more, bent on thoroughness – on addressing every unacknowledged space. A cusp. A precarious one. Both personally and on a macro level. Feelings merged, despite the polarity of what, I suspect, are the likely outcomes…. Continue reading