Other Writings

Wild and Precious

There are places along the dirt road where the water moves just so insisting on erosion rushing over ledges of dead leaves wedged in silt of larger rocks coaxing forth what sounds like human voices barely submerged and I wonder what is so important that the rocks would trick the water into speech or perhaps… Continue reading

Beltane 2017

A misty evening. A special sort of quiet, that hangs a gentle canvas for the cheerful dialogue of birds and the faint, steady swish of droplets that were too heavy to linger in the ether. Waiting for thunderstorms. Carrying on.

Spring Equinox

The light grows stronger, bolder Says, “Look at me; let yours do the same.” I wander muddy paths boots sinking earth embracing my footsteps Savor the fragrance of a world awakening The birds are returning I whistle their songs back to them in gratitude.


In the crooked double-paned window I watch my own reflection Full lips Double frowns Smudged Eye Shadows Super-imposed Life is blurry and Everything veers to the right Skewed This makes me uncomfortable I have 3.5 ears rimmed by darkness Rainbow lights usually behind me sprout from the top of my head wrapping themselves in waves… Continue reading

Winter’s Night

Fresh snow quiet first footsteps angled flashlight a clever stagehand look straight ahead and it’s psychedelic light magic up and it’s a nighttime snow dance kissing cheeks spotting glasses down and it’s a slow motion free fall all that letting go landing gently somehow

Tree Wisdom on a Sunday

I walk through the woods seeking wisdom and solace, on a quest for the answers my heart yearns for. Twenty-four hours ago, the sun beat down warmly on the earth, a rapid infusion of bliss on a short day, while a breeze teased the lingering leaves, the blades of grass. Overnight, a heavy blanket of… Continue reading

The Day Before

Today has been a tear-filled day for me. I have plenty of practice with boundaries to protect my acutely empathic soul at this point, but at times like these, when the swirling energy is so intense and pooling, here and now, as threads of past and present and all possible futures meet, there is no… Continue reading

Summer Snapshot

My two boys fully dressed for the first time in days maybe weeks walked with me I held the dog pulling pawing as they ran ahead High socks and bright shoes so rare in summer kicking up dust They stopped erratically breathless from racing celebrating the green the rocks the occasional scat Much like the… Continue reading

A Late Walk

When you’re out on that final walk with the dog later than you should be at the tail end of dusk. Drops begin to fall. Sparse and then less so. And you close your eyes for a moment as that same dog leads you with his regular series of hurried steps and pauses and the… Continue reading

That Mist

That mist encountered on a spring evening just after rains trapped the warmth that chose to flow the mist that draws out those heady scents of green and earth that drapes flimsy-like loose woven linen angled gently across forest ground cover a gnarled tree looping itself out like a leg from under the covers on… Continue reading