The Day Before

Today has been a tear-filled day for me. I have plenty of practice with boundaries to protect my acutely empathic soul at this point, but at times like these, when the swirling energy is so intense and pooling, here and now, as threads of past and present and all possible futures meet, there is no escaping the impact. All this to say…

May those of us with tender hearts feel empowered to process *what is* with our tender tears, to feel the power in their cleansing, to find strength in their release, to honor their connection to our souls that seek to serve the highest good. We, who feel so deeply, whose skin hasn’t and may never be thickened… We have our place, too, in all of this. May the love that drives us grant us the strength to be seen, and allow us to carry on the important work of healing what has been wounded, offering solace, support, and sanctuary to all that need(s) care and protection, and building up all that stems from what is good and right and beautiful in this precious world of ours, each in our own invaluable ways.

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