At the moment, I’m snuggling up with my characters in book two of the Mercury Retrograde trilogy, while book one finds its way out in the wild world. As I’ve learned to do when I’m feeling especially vulnerable, I’m making time and space for the practice of self-care (as much as a busy mama can) and focusing on the work at hand. If other words bubble up, I’m sure I’ll let them out, but maybe not here, just yet.

This website holds a great deal of history. It’s chock full of raw, unedited writings that I’ve created over the years and quietly released into the world. They mark a trail for me. Steps on a greater voyage.

That said, the purpose of this place is shifting and changing and I trust that time will reveal what it’s meant to become as more of my books are sent on their way.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your visit.