Other Writings

Chakra 7 – Connection

Whatever myth has been revealed, now is the time to turn the page to a new chapter in the unfolding story of your life… I’ve been trying to not feel rushed, to simply sit and observe the flow from a place of connection. Alas, this has not been easy, but here is what came up… Continue reading

Chakra 5 – Who Am I?

A bull in a china closet. That is how my energy feels, this week – as though the bull has taken over my ability to exist with any amount of grace. Words come out in a disorderly fashion, the sentiment behind them jumbled, abrasive, lacking eloquence – the antithesis of effective – so that I’m… Continue reading

Chakra 1 – Click

The mirror didn’t lie, though it distorted, reinforced the slackening of my skin, both its downy coat and texture more pronounced. Winter-smoothed palms rubbed over cheekbones, my hands holding their shape, but weathered, now. I have become both harder and softer in these intervening years, between becoming a mother and slowly, so slowly, becoming myself…. Continue reading

Chakra 1 – The Root

It happened on a table, this time. My head lay cradled in the hands of a healer, her fingertips adding gentle pressure to the base of my skull before they relaxed and slowly settled into in an imitation of water. The energy lulled me downward, through the earth’s layers, from the light above, to darkness,… Continue reading


Like droplets of sweat they emerge   yes   the more one exercises the spirit how much more readily truths spill   Find your means your tools your mettle   Let that incredulity flow over you like waves back into the earth to be transformed by her need   for magic

Chakra 3 – Light Language

**For some reason, I have really struggled with writing through the third chakra – my weakest, perhaps. That said, this is what came through in a dream after meditating a few days ago, and as I sit with it and move into the second chakra, I’m trusting that clarity and a course of action will… Continue reading

A Box’s Tale

She stood strong and brave as the axe fell, blow after blow, slowly severing her from her familiar roots. In the moments before release, she bade farewell to the fellow plants in her fertile corner of the earth, blessed them, and thanked them for their company and care. She let go of the fear of… Continue reading