Chakra 3 – Light Language

**For some reason, I have really struggled with writing through the third chakra – my weakest, perhaps.

That said, this is what came through in a dream after meditating a few days ago, and as I sit with it and move into the second chakra, I’m trusting that clarity and a course of action will become clear.**

An endless blackboard loomed. What I could see, above and below its graphite colored expanse, was white light, so pure and radiant that it occurred to me that it should have hurt my eyes. Instead, it offered up only a feeling of love – infusing my soul rather than affecting my body.

Ah, my body was part of the light.

I felt it flowing, then. Words, unfamiliar to my human brain but ones that were encoded in my cells, needing to be released. I held chalk in my left hand, despite being mostly right handed in my corporeal form, and let the symbols pour out of me and onto that swath of gray. Such a strange juxtaposition – materials from my childhood the canvas for this light language. Lines upon lines, surging forth, and as the message came, stronger and stronger, the joy and the freedom of being a conduit – a deep knowing, somehow, that this was the mother tongue of the stars and that my whole energy body was singing with it, caught up fully. ONE.

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