Chakra 4 – A Holding Place

So many hours of exercise
to keep myself
in this season
of winter
of horror
   after horror

So much challenged breath
teaches my lungs to expand

There is more room

for the heart
depending upon
what I am
what I am
what I am

how conscious
   I am

More room to hold
collective energy
   begging for some

Enough room to acknowledge that I am

I greet the day with quiet

For this space around my heart
For the gift of feeling deeply
For my uniquely imperfect way
   of navigating this life

I trust

This moment
That I am growing
That I am learning
That there is some grace
   beyond the madness
   beyond the grief
   beyond what might unfold

In moments of quiet connection
In thick and smelly mud with its generous promises
In the sweep of ice shattered clouds glowing at sunrise
In the kiss of the wind as I take time to stand still
   and breathe
In birdsong
In tracks left, straight and sure, like some secret enticement to follow
   where wiser creatures have trod
In waking to gentle licks and nudges
   soft fur and adoring eyes

a gradual accumulation of strength
if ever I hope to

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