Home. This Evening.

I’m a little punchy. Six and a half hours of driving with a cat who howled every time I changed lanes, an hour of unloading, and not enough food will do that.

I’m “home alone” for the next three days (though, thankfully, my lovely mama will be joining me for most of it), and so far it’s been an ocular migraine (I’m not a sparkles and light flashes kind of girl), an abundance of sweat (dare I hope that I’ve actually adjusted to a more northern climate?), frantic gobbling of whatever I can find, a short Skype chat with my loves, and a social media overdose, simply to connect to people, in my awkward introverted way.

And there’s been snark.

Yes, I actually did begin referring to the google maps lady as “babe” during the drive. She and I have hit it off. We don’t have much of an emotional connection, but she’s very sure of herself, and persistent, even at stop lights.

Home feels a little foreign in its familiarity. Almost as if I’ve just used a teleportation spell… Except slower. And more exhausting. Less travel may have made it easier, but 8+ weeks away from anywhere leaves it in a bit of a time warp – a dusty, bug covered, “oh, we have bats living and pooping on our deck” time warp…

The bamboo thinks it has the upper hand, to which I say, “Careful there, fellas, my neighbor is friendly with a wildcrafting NYC restaurant supplier!” Mmmmm, bamboo shoots.

And it’s noisy here. Constant swooshing of cars, driving too quickly, with the occasional bass bumping pass.

I’m missing the silence. The overgrown garden, less people, bullfrogs in the pond, insect interrupted nothingness. It’s not New York or Philadelphia energy, but it is most certainly not Vermont.

Cleaning and organizing (again) will help, I’m sure. Hoping that the work of driving has left me tired enough to tune it all out for a night and dig in for the next few days before I leave again. September will be the grounding and re-rooting month.

My stories are developing. Mercury is in a bind, but that is to be expected. And I’ve just met Sally, of a short fiction piece I’m working on. Girl gangs and a secret writer’s haven… Always new ideas, I’m afraid.

Until tomorrow, whoever happens to read this nonsense!

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  1. Jen McGown

    I love this site…and YOU! Thank you for creating a safe space for me to unwind and share a view into your world. I miss you. Had the most humbling day as a momma and your blog is where I chose to end it. Thank you-a million times over. You’re so poetic and beautiful and your words shine through straight to my heart.

    1. Letha Thérèse

      Aw. I was just telling someone how much I miss you… Thank you so much for your kind words, dear friend. They mean more than you might know. Hugs to you, and let’s connect in real time soon!


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