A Day in Vermont

Morning whirlwind. 

Cider bottling. 

History sharing.




through dreams

that have settled

in the cracks of life. 

Feeling them overflow 

a little.

Future ferments.

T-shirts wet 

from bottle rinsing.

Dried cider in hair –

on skin –

remnants of

rogue sprays

as the filter 

made trouble.

Fresh berries.

Sugar snap peas.

Cilantro pesto.

Oatmeal cookies 
for my loves.

Bouncing home,

so carefully.

Don’t crack the bottles.

Bee stung cat. 

Wind whipped laundry. 

The beaver “situation.”

Word hunting.

Cloud dimmed light. 

Breaks and shadows.

Potatoes and roasted broccoli.

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