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Chakra 6 – Another Rigid Place Goes Fluid

The voices have been quiet, lately. I miss their company – vivid dreams, visions, clear messages. The inner world, alive. And yet, spring energy remains fierce in me. An ever-growing call to keep moving forward, to emerge, to blink in the sunlight as my eyes adjust, and continue taking more intentional steps toward being seen… Continue reading

Chakra 2 – Water Ruminations

In that moment when the water    swallows your skin and you are    absorbed into the living    womb of its expanse – that is when her    power joins the very    essence of yours. It’s as though the    melding of stardust and liquid in our cells cannot help but    seek… Continue reading

Chakra 1 – Click

The mirror didn’t lie, though it distorted, reinforced the slackening of my skin, both its downy coat and texture more pronounced. Winter-smoothed palms rubbed over cheekbones, my hands holding their shape, but weathered, now. I have become both harder and softer in these intervening years, between becoming a mother and slowly, so slowly, becoming myself…. Continue reading