Chakra 4 – Her Heart Cracked Open

She sat at a white table, at the point where two walls of windows met and offered a backdrop of sunlight. The room was not empty of other people, but it was as though she held some kind of forcefield by way of her presence that stretched for several feet around where she had settled, creating a sense of space and privacy. I, on the other hand, was being pulled into her space by a cord of light, consisting of twined pieces in all the colors of the spectrum.

I’d known that she’d be there, and for all of the nerves that jumped around in my belly, I also knew that she had a message for me and that it would change everything that came next. At the table, I eased, carefully, into the chair directly across from her. While I’ll often lower my gaze as a habit, to avoid the energy transfer that so often comes through the eyes, there was none of the usual hesitation to make eye contact. I met her intense stare with my own and felt a surge of power as I let myself be seen.

Then, with each word carrying the weight of a thousand worlds and spoken at the pace of slow footsteps, she said, “You. Need. To. Listen.”

Yes, I thought, I do.

My eyes closed automatically as I centered and listened with my whole being. Immediately, I heard a tone that reached itself from far above my physical body and into my heart space, filling it, expanding it with light and what could only be described as divine love in an ever-widening arc. As this continued, a second tone joined and there was an explosion of the same light and love within that newly stretched space, far more powerful than the first, that left me in complete awe. To call it beautiful doesn’t even begin to touch on the experience.

I opened my eyes to my teacher’s gaze and her own were smiling, as only eyes do. With a subtle nod of approval and confidence, she stood and left me there, feeling like I was glowing.

Then, I woke up.

The happiest story I can think of, in four words?

Her heart cracked open.

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