Chakra 6 – Vision

I was leaving the house. It came as a sort of wall, not allowing me to pass over the threshold until I really looked – saw what needed seeing.

Raw trunks surrounded me, like the ones that hold up my roof, bolster my walls. A circle.

“Do this,” they commanded.

I knew, with every cell, that their petition was worthy.

“But, they could burn it all to the ground,” was my response.

Fear. So human.

“Hush, child. It is alive, and solid. Living Wisdom. Be like the trees. If they burn you down, it’s merely compost to nourish what is next and better, but right now, those trees are your pillars. Why focus on fear of destruction when you are still wise and strong? You’ve nestled yourself in the cradle of what has come to be known as the ‘Titanium forest.’ Don’t dare take it for granted. You are here for a reason. Use those precious boundaries against fear. Tread lightly. Root deeply. Serve. Heal. Love. Repeat.”

Still submerged in the tidal wave of this message.

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