New Moon in Virgo

A day so gorgeous it hurts… In a good way. Meditating on the day’s new moon and setting intentions for the next cycle was how I started my morning.

Today was full of active kiddos. Moments of solitude. Sharing about motherhood. Parenting in tandem.

We shopped for ingredients for meals, and cooked and talked together. I wondered how life would be if we could live communally in the long term.

I know it’s unlikely to ever happen in reality, but, at the very least, it could make for a good story line.

All day, I thought about what I should write this evening. Every few hours, I’d take a few minutes and ponder the track I might take. Truth be told, I’m tired, and thoroughly enjoying some time away from my computer. I check-in twice a day to touch base with a couple people and make sure there are no fires to put out (thankfully I did this, since I transferred money to the wrong account for a payment a few days ago and managed an overdraft that was quickly remedied). But other than that… I’m not so interested in tearing myself away from life in Nova Scotia.

Now, I’m going to sit here awhile longer and soak up the new moon energy, think on the next few weeks, share some time with friends, and fall asleep.

Today is day 21, and I’ll be taking tomorrow off, before I resume my blogging adventures. It may not be every day as I travel home, prepare my little ones for school, and devote more time to the book portion of this exercise, but we’ll see how it unfolds. There is something deeply nurturing about journaling this way, publicly exposed though it is.

Wishing all a good night and a wonderful month of new beginnings.

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