Sleep Addled

I fell asleep while putting my boys to bed tonight… It was glorious and terrible. And glorious.

Blue tinged computer light is the terrible part, I’ve just decided. In truth, I’d like to return to the cocoon from which I just dragged myself, all hung with the heavy tapestries of a day well spent. It’s not often that I drift that way, these days. I try to keep a tight grip on the tasks at hand, after all.

But it’s nice, once in awhile, especially when one is about to leave her babies for nearly a week, to catch that small wooden boat that carries us off to the lands of childhood slumber, if only for a moment. It’s a precious space, and even more so when shared with one’s own warm, sleepy creatures.

A sip of tea, now, and I think I’ll venture off to try to find it once again. Meager word count be damned. Then again, sometimes, when I throw up my hands to life, words decide to flow just to spite me… There’s a hint of that energy as well.

Alas. G’night.

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