Today was…

Today was a giant stick and a five year old’s giant imagination.

Today was grey clouds and first orange leaves and layers for warmth.

Today was suitcases and boxes and folding and packing.

Reminders of how little we actually need.

Today was a cat who went in and out no less than twenty five times.

She knows that we’re leaving, and doesn’t know what to make of it.

Today was making a full sized bed with three twin sized flat sheets and thanking my mama for the umpteenth time for teaching me how to do hospital corners.

Today was weaving and music and singing to get happy when the grey got heavy.

Today was opening that well chilled bottle from the ciderworks down the way, and reveling in a glass of Barnyard Blend with its tangy dry bite alongside gooey cheese and crackers for lunch.

A small slice of heaven.

Today was crawling under the covers for a five minute nap and waking an hour later to the excited voices of little boys…

Then taking another hour to shake off the sleep and the grumpies.

Today was numb fingers pulling pins from laundry, folding as I went to savor a slice of blue sky bleeding its color through the undulating layers of vapor like a painting come to life, and a garden so vibrant it makes my heart hurt.

Today was the third to last dinner cooked here.

Today was baths and stories and snuggles and sleep. A ball jar filled with hot tulsi and yarrow infusion to wind down the day.

Today was soaking up each moment.

Gratitude for being present.

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