Other Writings

Chakra 5 – Blue Lace Agate

“That,” she paused for a moment, “was Blue Lace Agate.” I took comfort in the way that she articulated the consonants, her decisive tone as she nodded, subtly, offering an air of authority that this made perfect sense. I peered at the small, polished stone that she’d recovered from the grid beneath the table, a… Continue reading

Chakra 6 – Vision

I was leaving the house. It came as a sort of wall, not allowing me to pass over the threshold until I really looked – saw what needed seeing. Raw trunks surrounded me, like the ones that hold up my roof, bolster my walls. A circle. “Do this,” they commanded. I knew, with every cell,… Continue reading

Chakra 7 – Every Year a Deepening

Every year a deepening. That’s what I’m feeling. It’s as though the earth, herself, weaves her way in, more and more, bent on thoroughness – on addressing every unacknowledged space. A cusp. A precarious one. Both personally and on a macro level. Feelings merged, despite the polarity of what, I suspect, are the likely outcomes…. Continue reading


Her wild currents arrived with full force I watched them flow over hills trees bending in supplication splitting at corners amplifying her voice rushing over angles roaring in freedom no intention of stopping AIR Bringing in her edge despite knowing how to be still She heeds the call to move but not without making an… Continue reading

Night Walk

I wrapped myself in night sounds an almost balmy breeze infusing my being with the scent of shifting seasons rich and rotten a knowing in my bones that soon the silence would only be broken by wind and footsteps and breath

Wild and Precious

There are places along the dirt road where the water moves just so insisting on erosion rushing over ledges of dead leaves wedged in silt of larger rocks coaxing forth what sounds like human voices barely submerged and I wonder what is so important that the rocks would trick the water into speech or perhaps… Continue reading

Beltane 2017

A misty evening. A special sort of quiet, that hangs a gentle canvas for the cheerful dialogue of birds and the faint, steady swish of droplets that were too heavy to linger in the ether. Waiting for thunderstorms. Carrying on.

Spring Equinox

The light grows stronger, bolder Says, “Look at me; let yours do the same.” I wander muddy paths boots sinking earth embracing my footsteps Savor the fragrance of a world awakening The birds are returning I whistle their songs back to them in gratitude.


In the crooked double-paned window I watch my own reflection Full lips Double frowns Smudged Eye Shadows Super-imposed Life is blurry and Everything veers to the right Skewed This makes me uncomfortable I have 3.5 ears rimmed by darkness Rainbow lights usually behind me sprout from the top of my head wrapping themselves in waves… Continue reading

Winter’s Night

Fresh snow quiet first footsteps angled flashlight a clever stagehand look straight ahead and it’s psychedelic light magic up and it’s a nighttime snow dance kissing cheeks spotting glasses down and it’s a slow motion free fall all that letting go landing gently somehow

Tree Wisdom on a Sunday

I walk through the woods seeking wisdom and solace, on a quest for the answers my heart yearns for. Twenty-four hours ago, the sun beat down warmly on the earth, a rapid infusion of bliss on a short day, while a breeze teased the lingering leaves, the blades of grass. Overnight, a heavy blanket of… Continue reading